Picoradio is a single radio for Video, Telemetry, SBUS / PPM.

Picoradio is a broadband COFDM datalink capable of high speed bidirectional radio transmission and is available in options for diversity receive or 2x2 MIMO. The board includes two Ethernet ports, a serial port and customizable port that can be used for SBUS in/out or PPM in/out. The board features an advanced wide input range power system. Bandwidth of up to 25 Mbps is possible.

Advanced features such as mesh networking are also available. For a quote, please submit this form:

Weight .030 kg
Dimensions .5 × .7 × .1 cm

2.402GHz – 2.478GHz

Tx Power

Configurable upto 30dBm

Rx Sensitivity

-101 dBm


128-bit AES

Input Voltage

7V – 60V

Operating Modes

Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, MESH


UFLx2 or RPSMA (Optional) Main + Diversity or 2×2 MIMO (Optional)


2x 10/100 BaseT IEEE802.3 (LAN/WAN)
Serial Port (TTL)
Auxillary Port (SBUS, PPM etc)
Status LEDs: Power, RSSI x3, Tx, Rx Status, Custom